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Armature Balancing Compounds

Armature Balancing Compounds Provide the Bonding Strength You Need

Star Technology’s armature balancing compounds are used primarily for weight addition balancing of electric motor armatures. We have a solid range of balancing epoxy compounds to choose from for use with automatic and manual balancing systems. Whatever type of cure you prefer, Star has an option for you.  We manufacture single part heat cure, two part room temperature cure, and ultraviolet (UV) light cure balancing compounds.  If you don't see what you are looking for here, contact us for our full line of product options.

A benefit of Star's two part balancing compound is the material is color coded blue and yellow.  The mixed product will be a bright green indicating it is fully mixed and ready for use.  Our balancing compounds also have a smooth, fibrous, putty-like consistency, which keeps the compound from drifting during the balancing process.

UV Cure Patented Technology Armature Balancing Compounds

Star Technology provides an innovative epoxy compound that is curable with ultraviolet (UV) light for use in weight addition balancing of electric motor armatures, pulleys, and other radically symmetrical rotating assemblies. Use this UV cure epoxy putty, which has a smooth, non-fibrous, non-settling consistency which keeps the epoxy putty from migrating during the application process.

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