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Technical Data Sheets

AB-60-4 Two Part Electrical Insulation Epoxy

BC-22 Armature Balancing Compound

BC-24 Armature Balancing Compound

BC-27 One Hour Cure Armature Balancing Compound

BC-28 Armature Balancing Compound

ER1005 Fast Set Epoxy

ER1020 Fast Set Toughened Epoxy

ER2160 Series Abrasion Resistant Coating System

ER3101T Two Part Room Temperature Epoxy Encapsulating System

ER3280 Potting & Encapsulating Compound

ER7159 Water-based Dip and Bake Resin

ER7320 Wet Winding Epoxy

ER7401 100% Solids VPI Resin

ER7415 Wet Winding Epoxy

ER7468 UL 220°C Rated Transformer Resin

ER7468-2 One-Part Secondary Insulating Epoxy

ER7478 100% Solids VPI Resin

FLEX-SEAL 150 Flexible Epoxy Casting Compound

FRE8480 LV Epoxy Casting Compound

FRE8580 Epoxy Casting Compound

FRE8585 Two-Part Self-Extinguishing Epoxy

FRE8585FC Two-Part Self-Extinguishing Epoxy

ST 36-2-10K Solvent-free Trickle Coat Epoxy

U-66-2 Two Part Buttering Epoxy

UVA4103-19 UV Cure Adhesive

UVA4110 UV/Vis Cure Acrylic Adhesive

UR2109 “DeathGrip” Adhesive

UR5320 Two Part Flexible Polybutadiene


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