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Formulating innovative solutions propelled Star Technology, Inc. to become a world class resource for high-quality resins for adhesive, potting, and encapsulation compounds to global manufacturers of industrial products including electronics, electrical assemblies and sub-assemblies, medical devices, and automotive components. Founded in 1989, the line of products has expanded to include epoxies, urethanes, silicones, UV-cure acrylates and epoxies, waterborne acrylics and urethanes as well as flame retardant epoxies and urethanes. In addition to a line of balancing compounds, Star Technology has many other products specifically designed for the electric motor industry including potting compounds, adhesives, vacuum-pressure impregnation resins, “dip & bake” resins and wet winding epoxies.


Believing that no customer should have to settle for off-the-shelf products, STAR Technology engages each company to formulate just the right product for their application. Staunch research and testing to fine-tune viscosity, color, and mix ratio are all part of the process that takes place before a new product is ever sampled to a customer.

STAR Technology takes pride in providing reliable, cost-effective products through efficient purchasing practices and strong relationships with suppliers in order to give our customers the competitive edge in the marketplace.


Taking the time to understand each customer, product, and challenge is what pushes STAR Technology to develop innovative products. Once the facts are gathered, STAR Technology analyzes the need, develops possible solutions, and conducts verification trials. The laboratory then performs aggressive testing, environmental exposure, life testing, and completes physical property analysis so that each product is specifically tailored to a particular application.

STAR Technology backs every product with technical support from formulation to final application. Quality control on each batch verifies critical aspects like adhesion, specific gravity, viscosity, cure time and cure profiles. All in-process and final approvals are based on industry recognized ASTM and ERF standards. To ensure accuracy, strict preventative maintenance and calibration on lab equipment is performed at prescribed intervals according to ISO 9001:2015 certification.


With countless years of collective experience, STAR Technology chemists lend their expertise in research and development to thousands of formulations. The result is a diverse line of epoxy and urethane products. Including:

  • Potting Compound
  • Encapsulating Resin
  • VPI/ Dip & Bake
  • Wet Winding
  • UV Cure
  • Armature Balancing Compounds
  • Medical Adhesives
  • Glass Adhesives
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Wire Tack Adhesives
  • Laminating Adhesives
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Flame Retardant Compounds

STAR Technology meets packaging requirements from squeeze tubes and positive displacement mix ratio cartridges, to returnable 350-gallon totes and tanks and everything in between. With a team of experts, STAR Technology works to achieve solutions by responding to the challenges of each customer in order to deliver a quality product at a competitive price