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An Insulating Epoxy that won't go up in smoke!

AA-210-3: ASTM E-662-15a and BSS 7239 Approved

STAR Technology is pleased to announce that AA-210-3, a two component epoxy system, recently passed extensive smoke and toxicity testing. By passing Smoke Density Tests ASTM E-662-15a and Boeing Specification Support Standard BSS 7239 Rev: A1-18-88, AA-210-3 is an ideal choice for bonding, sealing, coating and potting in the light rail industry.

This insulating epoxy is designed for the encapsulation of sensitive electronic components and transformers. It has excellent noise reduction and vibration characteristics. AA-210-3 is flexible after curing, yet still exhibits excellent electric properties and low weight loss at operating temperatures exceeding 180°C. Heat curing this product will accelerate the curing process and provide the best physical properties.

AA-210-3 is available in a variety of sizes and units to accommodate customer’s needs.